Young people

Are you caring for a child or young person with type 1 diabetes? Are you a young person who has recently peen diagnosed? You may have worries about the future, and how to best manage type 1 diabetes, we are here to help you.

The Diabetes in Schools program encourages families, schools and health professionals to work together to support students to manage their type 1 diabetes at school so they have the chance to learn, achieve and be the best they can be.

Whether your child, or you, have been newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a few years, there will need to be a diabetes management plan to help guide teachers and school staff about diabetes management needs at school. Your health care team can help prepare this plan at the start of each school year.

Your child, or you, can play sports, participate in all activities, or go to school camps. Diabetes isn’t a limitation.

Diabetes Tasmania organise type 1 youth support camps for young Tasmanians with diabetes, this gives them an opportunity to meet peers with diabetes.

The focus for each camp is companionship, support, education and fun and you will find more information on the following pages.



Diabetes in schools

Tasmanian early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools currently have approximately 370 children living with type 1 diabetes enrolled

Our camps

As a part of Diabetes Tasmania youth program we provide age specific camps especially designed for children with type 1 diabetes.
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