Peer support groups

Support from those who understand. Having to deal with all the different aspects of diabetes, including daily challenges and the long-term impacts, can be tough. Sometimes it just helps to talk to somebody going through a similar situation.

What is peer support?

Peer support is when people living with a chronic condition (like diabetes) give and/or receive support from one another.


What is a diabetes peer support group?

A diabetes peer support group provides an opportunity for people affected by diabetes to talk to others with diabetes, who understand what you are experiencing. Groups are for people with diabetes, carers, family and friends.

Peer support groups enable people with diabetes to share, listen and learn in a safe and friendly environment. They can provide information around daily diabetes management, linkages to clinical care and community resources, social and emotional support and ongoing support over time.

Support groups can be offered face to face in group settings, by telephone or online.

Support groups are often peer-led, but some groups are convened by healthcare professionals.


Evidence of the impact of peer support groups

A recent study reported that people who regularly participate in a peer-led support group can better manage their diabetes.*

Research also shows that members of a peer support program are more confident about their diabetes and experience lower levels of stress and depression.

Some members have even said their quality of life is better due to the friendships and support they received from the support network.*

*Browne et al. 2017

Join a support group

New members are always welcome. Please see the below to find a support group in your local area. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the related person.



Hobart Diabetes Support Group – Hobart (type 1 & 2)

Meets first Monday of each month,11:00am

Fiona Horwood
6215 9000



Kings Meadows Diabetes Support Group – Launceston

Meets third Tuesday of each month,10:00am

Fiona Horwood
6215 9000


Northern Region Diabetes Support Group – Launceston

Meets third Wednesday of each month,10:00am (now at the Door of Hope Church)

Russell Watson
0417 157 610


DAGTas (Diabetes Advocacy Group Tasmania) – Launceston

Michael Banks
0414 414 044


West Tamar Diabetes Support Group – Beaconsfield

Meets third Wednesday of each month,1:30pm

Sandra Hodge
0429 777 870

Meander Valley Diabetes Support Group – Westbury 

Meets first Tuesday of each month, 1:30pm

Sheila Stevenson
0428 576 795


North West

North West Tasmania Type 1 Diabetes Support Group– Burnie

(Online & Occasional Group Meetings)


Troy Wilkins
0413 016 891


Wynyard Diabetes Support Group – Wynyard

Meets bi-monthly, on a Wednesday, 10.00am – 11.30am

Lew and Joan Hoek
0402 123 438



Diabetes Debriefs (Tasmania) Facebook 

The above Facebook page (which is a private page) is a space to connect with other people with type 1 diabetes around Tasmania. Whether you want to have a rant, share a meme/story, ask for advice or opinions, or just have a good ol’ chin wag and debrief; this space is for you. The page is run by Rachel Duthie.


Want to find out more?

If you are interested in starting a peer support group in your area, or you are already running one and would like to join the Diabetes Tasmania Peer Support Program, contact Fiona Horwood, Community Engagement Coordinator on 6251 9000 or .

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