David Symons Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is an initiative designed to assist in addressing the low number of credentialled diabetes nurse educators (DNE) working in Tasmania. Following completion of a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education a minimum of 1,000 hours in clinical practice must be completed to allow credentialling with the Australian Diabetes Educators Association. It is only when credentialling has been completed that an application for a Medicare provider number can be made. 

Diabetes Tasmania has committed to funding a 12 month scholarship to support a newly qualified DNE to achieve credentialling status. Many newly qualified DNEs are unable to find work as there are no places available in the hospital sector and a provider number is preferred in general practice to allow Medicare billing. The 12 month placement involves rotation between three clinical sites: Diabetes Tasmania, RHH Diabetes Centre and Moonah Doctors.

On Wednesday, 17 February 2016, Diabetes Tasmania announced the inaugural recipient of the David Symons Memorial Scholarship with Myles Clarkson Fletcher named as the successful applicant.

Diabetes Tasmania CEO, Caroline Wells expressed her delight in being able to create a valuable new position for a deserving recipient.

“We’re very excited to help Myles in his career and know he’ll be a valuable asset to Tasmanian’s currently affected by diabetes,” she said.

“This fantastic rotational program will put Myles in the best possible situation to secure future employment by giving him a diverse mix of community, hospital sector and general practice experience.”

The scholarship in named in memory of David Symons, who with his wife Janet, were long-time supporters and donors to Diabetes Tasmania.

Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are specialists in diabetes. They are health professionals who have completed further study to focus their efforts on helping people with diabetes self-manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications.

A diabetes educator can be the first point of call when you want more information, support and/or motivation in the management of your diabetes. They have in-depth knowledge on all aspects of diabetes and can recognise when you need to see other members of your health care team.