David Symons Memorial Internship

In 2016, Diabetes Tasmania established the fully funded David Symons Memorial Internship, which was named in memory of David Symons, who was a long-time supporter and donor and his wife Janet, who continues to support Diabetes Tasmania.

Since the inception of the internship, two recipients have completed the program and are now fully credentialled diabetes educators working in Tasmania.

The internship is an initiative designed to provide a supported pathway from qualifying as a diabetes nurse educator (DNE) towards independent clinical practice as a credentialled diabetes educator (CDE). It is an opportunity for Diabetes Tasmania to address the growing challenge of diabetes across the state by showing leadership in building a workforce with the skills and experience to meet this challenge.

Following completion of a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education, many newly qualified DNEs are unable to find work as there are no places available in the hospital sector without credentialling status, and a provider number is preferred in general practice to allow Medicare billing. Among other requirements, a minimum of 1,000 hours in clinical practice must be completed to allow credentialling with the ADEA. It is only when credentialling has been completed that an application for a Medicare provider number can be made. This internship aims to bridge this gap for DNEs.

The 12 month internship involves rotation between three clinical sites: Diabetes Tasmania, Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Diabetes Centre and General Practice. This rotation will provide a mix of community experience, acute sector and general practice experience and place the recipient in the best possible situation to secure employment as a CDE following completion of the year’s practice.


Applications are now open for next year's Internship Program that will commence in February 2019.  Applications close on the 23 November 2018, for more information please contact Lisa Burgess on lburgess@diabetestas.org.au or 6215 9000.