The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is administered by Diabetes Australia. Your NDSS agent in Tasmania is Diabetes Tasmania.

The Australian Government established the National Diabetes Services Scheme in 1987. The aim of the initiative is to provide information, programs and services as well as subsidised diabetes products for all people with diabetes.

Diabetes Australia is a non-governmental organisation which administers the NDSS. It has been the national body people affected by diabetes and those at risk since 1984.

Each state and territory has its own local diabetes organisation that forms part of a coalition working together with Diabetes Australia to deliver NDSS services and products across the country.

How do I access the National Diabetes Services Scheme?

  • Register with the NDSS as soon as you are diagnosed. Registration is free for all people with a Medicare number.
    • How do I register?
      Your doctor or diabetes educator and some practice nurses can do this for you. The registration form is available here.
      Contact Diabetes Tasmania if you have any questions about registering.
    • What happens after I register?
      You will receive a welcome pack, including an information booklet and a NDSS registration card in the mail. You can access subsidised products like glucose testing strips as soon as you are registered – you do not have to wait for your card to arrive.
  • For information about programs and services, or to get trustworthy fact sheets about all aspects of living with diabetes and more, visit the website or call the Helpline on 1800 637 700.
  • The NDSS also provides useful resources in many different languages here.
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