Diabetes Tasmania Membership is great value.

In combination with the support of your regular health care team, being a member of Diabetes Tasmania provides that extra support for you and your family to help you live well with your diabetes.

We want to make sure you have access to everything that will make it easier for you to better understand and manage your diabetes.  When you become a member of Diabetes Tasmania, we connect you to the latest diabetes information, education and support services, all designed to help you live well with your diabetes.

Here at Diabetes Tasmania we are serious about your health. 

Some of our membership benefits include:

  • Circle magazine, sent out to your mailbox quarterly
  • quarterly enewsletters
  • 10% discount every time you shop at
  • support from qualified health professionals
  • discount to events
  • advocacy
  • one FREE SMART program of your choice
  • half price at-home Diabetes HbA1c test from our member partner, MyHealthTest
  • a new blood glucose meter available to purchase for $15.00
  • access to diabetes information resources, facts sheets and more
  • connection to a community of people living with diabetes through our support groups

If you would like to become a member of Diabetes Tasmania please complete and submit the below form. If you have been a member previously, please renew your membership.

Call Diabetes Tasmania on (03) 6215 9000 for more information.

Your membership fee may be refundable by your private health fund (check with your fund).

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