Information for your patient

To help you deliver the best care to your patient.

Information to help your patients with the self-management of their diabetes, including topics such as diabetes care, nutrition, exercise, pregnancy, associated health information, and the NDSS is available for you to download and print.


NDSS booklets and fact sheets 

The NDSS provides a selection of information fact sheets and booklets to support you in delivering the best care to your patient.

A wide range of fact sheets and booklets relating are available for you to download or print.

Visit the NDSS website to view the fact sheets and booklets.


Translated resources

Does your patient need information in another language?


NDSS multicultural portal

The NDSS multicultural portal has a wide range of diabetes resources translated into other languages.


Diabetes Victoria

Diabetes Victoria also offers a great range of diabetes pictorial guides, brochures and DVDs in other languages. View resources here.


Diabetes Tasmania Resources (printable)
Quick guides to diabetes self-management

Practical diabetes self-management resources to support GPs and other health care professionals when engaging with type 2 diabetes patient. Downloadable and printable pictorial and interactive sheets.


Useful websites

Links for further information and resources:

National Diabetes Services Scheme

Diabetes Australia

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Heart Foundation

Kidney Health Australia


Further Information

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 6215 9000 or you can fill in the contact us form and we will get back to you.

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