Information in your language

If you speak a language other than English, it is still important to get the right information about your diabetes - we can help!

Diabetes Tasmania has a range of multicultural resources designed to help people from non-English speaking backgrounds better understand and manage their diabetes.


Need an interpreter?

Do you need an interpreter to talk to us?

  • Call 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm).
  • Say your language (in English)
  • Wait to be connected to an interpreter
  • Then ask for 03 6215 9000


Diabetes information in your language

Diabetes Victoria offers a range of diabetes resources including pictorial guides, webinars, videos and fact sheets in other languages.

Visit the Diabetes Victoria website and select your language to get started. Languages included are Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Chinese (Cantonese), Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Arabic.


NDSS information in your language

The NDSS Information in Your Language landing page contains translated diabetes resources in 26 languages including Simplified Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Chinese (Cantonese), Farsi, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Tagalog, Dari and Karen.

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