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Diabetes Tasmania has an experienced team of health professionals to support you and your patients.

Diabetes Tasmania receives funding from a range of sources including Primary Health Tasmania, the State Department of Health and the National Diabetes Services Scheme to deliver state-wide clinical services to people with, or at risk of diabetes.

Our large state-wide team of qualified diabetes educators (DEs) and accredited practising dietitians (APDs) can work with your patients to reduce their risk of or manage their diabetes.

We deliver regular DE and APD clinics across the state. Patients may be able to choose whether they talk with their health professional in person, by video or by telephone.

For those patients who need support to reduce their risk factors for diabetes, we have The COACH Program – a 6-month evidence-based telephone health coaching program.

We also deliver regular group education sessions (DESMOND and SMARTS), Healthy Living online webinars as well as our annual Living Well with Diabetes Expo. See our program and events calendar for details and dates.

If you are a GP, nurse, allied health professional or pharmacist and would like to advice or to learn more about how to support your patient with diabetes, please visit education and training; support and resources.

To refer your patient to any of our services, please visit refer a patient.

What does a diabetes educator do?

Our diabetes educators can help your patients to:

  • Understand and learn the skills required for daily diabetes self-care
  • Correctly monitor their blood glucose levels
  • Administer insulin
  • Understand and manage the effect of medications, exercise and food intake on their blood glucose levels
  • Understand how to prevent, identify and treat hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, including developing a sick day management plan.

Credentialled diabetes educators – also known as CDE’s – have been recognised for their experience and expertise in diabetes and are committed to ongoing professional development in diabetes. CDE’s are registered through the Australian Diabetes Educator Association (therefore recognised by Medicare) and are also registered with their primary discipline association.

Diabetes Tasmania’s CDEs are up to date with the latest developments in diabetes medication, technology options and research enabling them to support you and your patients along their diabetes management journey.

What does an accredited practising dietitian (APD) do?

Our accredited practising dietitians (APDs) can help your patient to:  

  • Learn how to adjust their carbohydrate intake to better manage their blood glucose levels
  • Understand the impact of different types and components of food on their diabetes management and overall health
  • Improve their eating habits to reduce their chronic disease risk factors including high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, overweight/ obesity
  • Learn how to prevent and treat low blood glucose levels
  • Provide practical tips and advice about cooking, shopping, eating out and recipe modification to promote healthy food choices.
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