Fundraising and gifts

We are passionate about making a difference to the tens of thousands of Tasmanians affected by diabetes, whether they are living with it, at risk of developing it or supporting a family member with the condition.

The number of people affected by diabetes is growing rapidly.

In Tasmania alone, it is estimated that 6 people are diagnosed with the condition every day. We work across the state – from diabetes prevention to diabetes management – to provide much-needed education and support for these people.


Your donation will help to fund our work in these key areas:

  • youth programs
  • research
  • community awareness
  • education
  • support services
  • advocacy

Some of our past and current projects include:

  • donating yearly to the Diabetes Australia Research Program
  • funding PhD student’s at UTAS, who’s research is based on a diabetes related topic
  • running yearly camps for children and young adults living with type one diabetes
  • upcoming we will be holding family days for continued connection with families and children, in between camps across the state
  • educating those with diabetes on how to best manage their condition.
  • community awareness campaigns

However you decide to help, you will be making a direct difference to Tasmanians affected by diabetes.

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