Education and training for health professionals

Diabetes Tasmania offers a range of education and training for you to improve your patients care or increase your own skills and experience.

David Symons Memorial Diabetes Educator Internship

The David Symons Memorial Diabetes Educator Internship was established in 2015, and is in recognition of the contribution of a long-time supporter of the work of Diabetes Tasmania.

The internship is an initiative designed to provide a supported pathway for a newly qualified diabetes nurse educator towards independent clinical practice as a credentialled diabetes educator, via a 12-month rotation through the primary, community and tertiary sector.

The internship is offered yearly and is advertised through Seek as well as on the Australian Diabetes Educators Association website.


Annual workshops and seminars

We run annual education workshops and seminars state-wide, including a diabetes symposium for nurses and a diabetes update for pharmacy assistants. See our calendar of events for upcoming events.


Group education for health workers

We offer group-based education for allied health professionals, support workers, carers, and health care students. Contact us to discuss your organisation’s education needs.


Residential Aged Care

If you work in Residential Aged Care, there are a number of resources for quality improvement and staff education here. Contact us to discuss your specific training needs.


Diabetes in Schools

If you work in a preschool or school, the Diabetes in Schools program can assist you to work together with families and health professional to support students to manage their type 1 diabetes. Find out more about the program here.


If you are interested in finding out more about education and training for you or your organisation call us on 03 6215 9000 or drop us a line via the contact us page.

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