Diabetes in schools

Tasmanian early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools currently have approximately 370 children living with type 1 diabetes enrolled.

Students with type 1 diabetes have management tasks including injecting insulin, checking blood glucose and counting carbohydrates. School staff need to have necessary education to support students with diabetes stay safe at school and participate in all school activities, including athletics carnivals and school camps.

The National Diabetes in Schools Program, funded by the Australian Government through the National Diabetes Service Scheme, has been established to give families and schools the training and support they need to support students living with type 1 diabetes in the school setting.

The program aims to provide nationally consistent information and training for school staff to ensure students with type 1 diabetes can be supported to manage their condition at school.

For more information about the Diabetes in Schools program contact our state coordinator, Jessica Spinks, via email


Each school year a child needs an updated diabetes management plan to outline what diabetes tasks your child needs to do at school and whether they need assistance or supervision.

If you do not have a current management plan, you can find copies below. These should be completed in discussion with your health care team before meeting with the school or early childhood care centre.


2021 Diabetes Action Plans


Diabetes action plans 2021 – school setting
2022 Diabetes Action Plans


Diabetes action plans 2022 – school setting
Diabetes action plans 2022 – early childhood setting
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