Annual cycle of care

The diabetes annual cycle of care is a checklist for reviewing your diabetes management and general health.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, there are a number of health checks you need to do at least every year.

These checks are an essential part of preventing serious diabetes complications, for example with your eyes, feet or kidneys.

Your ‘annual cycle of care’ is part of your diabetes care plan.


Check your:                                                        How:                                                           When:

Blood glucose levels                                        HbA1c (blood test)                                        One to four times a year (every three months)

Blood pressure                                                  GP or practice nurse check                       Once a year, but more often as needed

Cholesterol                                                          Blood test                                                       Once a year, but more often as needed

Kidney health                                                    Blood and urine tests                                   At least once a year, but more often as needed

Feet                                                                           Daily check                                                      Keep an eye out for cuts or blisters every day

                                                                                              Podiatrist                                                         Every year, but more often as needed

Eyes                                                                      Optometrist                                                    Every two years, bit more often as needed

Teeth and gums                                                Dentist                                                             Once a year, but more often as needed

Medication review                                           GP or pharmacist                                           Once a year, but more often as needed

Insulin review (if you are taking insulin)       GP or endocrinologist                                   Two to four times a year, or more as needed


There are other things your diabetes team may check. For example, if you have type 1 diabetes you may need to be screened for coeliac disease (an autoimmune condition where gluten causes bowel inflammation and damage). Always ask your diabetes team where you are up to with your annual cycle of care, or keep a record yourself. It can make a big difference to your health.

Diabetes can also affect your sexual health – for men and women. If you have concerns, talk to your GP or endocrinologist.

Don’t forget to look after your mental and emotional health too. It is not uncommon to feel ‘over it’ living with diabetes every day. Help is available, call Diabetes Tasmania if you wish to talk to a health professional.

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