Residential Aged Care Facilities - Resources

As part of the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) Older People with Diabetes National Development Program, a series of resources have been developed to support people working within residential aged care facilities (RACFs). Around one quarter of all people living in RACFs have diabetes. 

You will find the below resources by following this link.

Diabetes Management in Aged Care: A Practical Handbook

Diabetes Management in Aged Care (DMAC) has been designed to provide an accessible and practical guide to diabetes management for staff working in residential aged care facilities (RACFs). This guide has been written for all care staff, from carers to registered nurses. Its aim is to help care staff understand the basics of diabetes management without overwhelming them with complex information about advanced clinical care.

Diabetes Management in Aged Care: Fast Facts for Care Workers

This resource contains information about diabetes in older people and how to manage diabetes in a residential care setting. The Fast facts have been written for care staff. The information in this resource has been drawn from the ‘Fast facts’ sections at the start of each chapter in Diabetes Management in Aged Care: A Practical Handbook. For more information on any of the Fast facts topics, see the Handbook.

Quality Review Tool: management of residents who have diabetes

This tool will assist managers in aged care facilities to assess the quality of management and care of residents diagnosed with diabetes , in line with evidence-based practice

Initially developed in March 2016 and called “Audit Checklist: management of residents who have diabetes’, this tool has been now been revised (August 2019) and streamlined to reflect RACF systems.

All evidence should be documented in this checklist.  If gaps are identified in the review, the following resources may be useful to address these

  • The McKellar Guidelines for managing older people with diabetes in residential and other care settings
  • The McKellar way- how to use the McKellar guidelines for managing diabetes care in residential care settings.

This tool was developed to accompany Diabetes management in aged care: a practical handbook, which you can find linked above.

Other resources for older people with diabetes

You can see the resources that have been developed for older people with diabetes, including information about healthy eating and the broader health care team in the Older People Resources section.