About you

Knowing how to fit diabetes into your daily life will depend very much on your individual circumstances.

Your age, your cultural or ethnic background will all influence the way you choose to manage your diabetes.

There is no single solution when it comes to diabetes. However, you can learn to adapt your diabetes care to suit your routines and priorities.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are almost four times more likely than non- Indigenous Australians to have diabetes or pre-diabetes

Information in your language

If you speak a language other than English, it is still important to get the right information about your diabetes - we can help.

Young people

Are you caring for a child or young person with type 1 diabetes? Are you a young person who has recently peen diagnosed? You may have worries about the future, and how to best manage type 1 diabetes, we are here to help you.

Having a baby?

When you have diabetes it is important to plan and prepare for pregnancy. We can help you do this.

Older people

Diabetes care is generally the same no matter how old you are.

Family, friends and carers

Supporting those you care about makes a world of difference. When someone you care about is diagnosed with diabetes it can raise many questions about, how you can best support them.
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