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Tassie's Better with Balance - Trans Tasmania Challenge 2019

The Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) has this year partnered with us to run it's second - Tassie’s Better with Balance, Trans-Tasmania Challenge.

The Challenge is a fundraising and awareness-raising endurance event taking place from Wednesday 13th November to Sunday 24th November 2019.

With a focus of the Challenge being on mental health and wellbeing, this is important for us to recognise as the prevalence of mental health problems, particularly anxiety and depression among people with diabetes exceeds that found in the general population, so supporting the health and wellbeing of people living with diabetes is paramount.

Published studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes experience passive and active diabetes related social stigma.

•      feeling blamed by others for causing their condition             or complications

•      being subject to negative stereotyping

•      being discriminated against

•      having restricted opportunities in life          Above: some of the participants from 2018

We know that 28% of people with type 1 diabetes and between 17% and 22% with type 2 diabetes experience diabetes distress, so it is a significant issue

The funds raised through this challenge will assist to providing ongoing support for those living with diabetes to increase their resilience and to increase diabetes empowerment. We know that the more people learn about how their diabetes affects them, and strategies to assist them to live well with their diabetes, that levels of diabetes distress decrease.

The Better with Balance theme also demonstrates the importance of work-life balance and the value of not just physical health but also mental health - to all Tasmanians.

The event will be staged across Tasmania, it aims to reinforce the successful balance of industry, environment and recreation and how they jointly contribute to the wellbeing of Tasmanian communities, as highlighted in the industry Blueprint for Mental Health and Wellbeing that was launched by TMEC in 2017.

If you would like to follow along the journey of these 11 endurance athletes as they take on the challenge, please head to the dedicated Facebook page, by following this link and to donate please go to the everyday hero page where you can donate to the team as a whole or an individual participant: everyday hero

For more information on TMEC please head to their website.

A big thank you must go to the event sponsors, as without sponsorship the event would not be the success it is: