Shop Well, Eat Well

Come to Shop Well, Eat Well, where we’ll bust some food myths and talk about what really makes a healthy diet.

Learn how to make sense of food labels and how to make healthy grocery shopping easier.

Diabetes Tasmania runs Shop Well, Eat Well around the state and each session is run by an accredited practising dietitian.

At Shop Well, Eat Well you will:

  • learn about the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • learn how to read food labels
  • understand nutrition claims on food packaging such as ‘lite’ and ‘low fat’
  • gain some healthy food ideas

Shop Well, Eat Well includes a ‘virtual’ supermarket tour using food packaging and other visual materials. The tour simulates a real supermarket experience and allows for comparison of products, and tips and tricks for making grocery shopping easier.

For more information on the Shop Well, Eat Well near you, please call 1300 136 588 and we can let you know the dates and book you in.